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Saturday, 16 October 2021
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Jun 22

Written by: peterm
22/06/2010 4:40 PM 

We had a great outcome for one of our clients today and we absolutly love it when we can help people, not only make a lot of money, but more importantly realise and live their dreams... might sound a bit soppy but I tell you what... it's an amazing feeling to help people succeed… it's been a great day…

Perhaps not the most insightful comment to begin my blog but its makes me realise why I made the choice to do what I do for a living. This particular gentleman came to me three years ago with an invention he had. He has slogged through hurdle after hurdle and with a little help from his friends here at GMC we are just about to sign off on the first shipment of product and it will be in shops within weeks…
Great work GP and let’s keep the ball rolling....
Is there a message in this for everyone, hell yeah... just stick with what you believe in, sounds very clichéd I know but its true… if you are true to yourself, stick to what you believe in… then the world has endless possibilities for each and every one of us... listen to me sound like a preacher but I hope you understand the sentiment...

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