"I have used Peter on several occasions to help me further my career and always very successfully and swiftly. He is always my first port of call...  I recommend him to all of my friends and colleagues and shall continue to do so in the future." - A.M., Dalby, QLD

Tuesday, 25 January 2022
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You may have noticed that the use of business coaching has become very popular in recent years. The number of business owners in Australia who get business coaching is on the rise. Why? Are all these business owners engaging the services of a business coach? And what’s the reason behind this increase in the number of such business owners? Well, the basic reason behind this increase in the use of the services business coaches have to offer is that more and more business owners are realizing the importance of a good business coach in the success of their business. They are realizing that every dollar they spend on the services of a business coach fetches several dollars in revenue.

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Getting your sales staff adequately trained is important, but even more important is ensuring that the sales training sticks and enables them to play a positive role in boosting your business sales. This article will tell you how you can ensure that the sales training you being the business owner or sales manager get as well as that you arrange for your sales staff actually sticks.

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