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Feb 23

Written by: peterm
23/02/2012 5:08 PM 


Over the last few decades, retail business has become one of the most competitive forms of business. Nowadays, retail customers not only expect lower prices, but also demand excellent customer service. Moreover, lower prices and high quality products may initially attract customers, but it takes much more to retain them over long periods of time. Running a successful retail business and retaining your customers requires exceptional training in retail business. And this is where the role of a competent retail training service comes in.

A good retail training service provides retail coachingthat not only helps you survive in the retail market, but also enables you to develop effective strategies for beating your competitors. Your business, like all other retail businesses, has individual retail staff training requirements that need to be evaluated before you can introduce coaching and training programs. Your retail training service designs and helps you introduce retail training and coaching programs that are in accordance with your retail staff training requirements. You can derive innumerable advantages from retail business coaching. Some of these are:
Enhancement of Customer Service Skills
Customer service training is an essential aspect of any retail business training and coaching program. Customer service traininghelps you and your staff in enhancing your customer service skills. Good customer service skills are a MUST when it comes to successfully running a retail business. Good customer service skills not only make your customers happy and satisfied, but also make them come back again and again. These skills include:
Communication Skills
Good communication is evidently the most important skill in customer service. Individuals providing customer service need to speak clearly so customers are able to understand them. Speaking in such a manner takes a lot of practice and training. They should also be good at explaining things to customers in order to make it easier for them to comprehend their instructions or explanations, which takes further customer service training. Furthermore, communication is a two way street. They also need to be good listeners. They need to listen to the customers in order to be able to understand their complaints and concerns.
Patience and Tact
Patience and tact are two customer service skills that take a lot of training and practice to master. But these skills are essential when it comes to running a retail business. That’s because retail business and “difficult customers” go hand in hand. Patience and tact are perhaps the only tools for dealing with such customers. A good retail training service will always lay great stress on developing these two skills in you and your staff.
Empathizing with the customers when they have complaints is a skill that is essential for surviving in retail business. This is so because retail businesses have to regularly deal with customers who ended up purchasing defective products. Such customers usually blame the retail store in such instances. It is essential in such situations that you or your staff sympathize with the customers in addition to solving their problem.  
Good Assessment Skills
An essential aspect of customer service training is the development of good assessment skills in your staff. Such skills enable them to instantly know what the customer wants by asking the right questions.
Development of Sales Skills
The coaching and training programs designed by your retail training servicealso focus on sales training. In fact, an important aspect of such training and coaching programs is the development of sales skills in you and your staff. Sales skills are crucial in retail business as they play a fairly significant role in the determination of your business’ sales level. Enhancement of sales skills has been known to increase sales rate by as much as 600%. These are skills like:
ü Sales Presentation Skills
ü Sales Call Planning
ü Sales Questioning Skills
ü Managing the Buyer/Seller Relationship
ü Gaining Commitment
Increase in Customer Conversion Rate
Retail businesses often face the dilemma of attracting lots of potential buyers but never being able to convert them into actual buyers. Retail coaching and training programs enhance your staff’s ability to convert potential buyers into actual customers, hence increasing your customer conversion rate.
Effective Retail Merchandising
Effective merchandising is an important tool for improving sales. An essential aspect of your staff’s training in retail business is to learn effective merchandising. Effective merchandising is the effective use of available retail space, with all efforts directed at capturing the impulse of the customer to buy more and to buy better.
Enhancement of Product Knowledge
Another important aspect of retail training and coaching programs designed by a good retail training service is helping you and your staff with product knowledge. Possessing product data is extremely crucial as it helps you and your staff assist customers in finding products that are in accordance with their needs.
Prevention of Loss
Retail coaching and training programs also instill in your staff the ability to prevent loss of products. Such ability is extremely important when it comes to smoothly and successfully running a retail business.
Polishing of Time Management Ability
Retail business is all about time management. Customers not only demand good and professional service, but also want to be served in the quickest time possible. Retail coaching and training programs greatly focus on enhancing your staff’s time management abilities.
Mentioned above are only a few of the advantages that your retail business can derive from business coaching provided by a good retail training service. The whole picture can only be seen by those who actually decide to try retail business coaching.

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