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Feb 26

Written by: peterm
26/02/2012 5:11 PM 


What is a fortune 500 company?
Fortune 500 companies are the largest 500 corporations in the world by measure of revenue. Each year, Fortune magazine compiles and publishes a list of such companies titled Fortune Global 500.
What sort of services do business consulting companies provide to Fortune 500 companies?
Fortune 500 companies have massive and varied business and management consultancy needs. Business consulting companies provide various sorts of business and management consulting services to these giants of the corporate world. These include:
Marketing Software and Services
Business consulting companies assist Fortune 500 companies in achieving consumer relevance at scale by helping them deliver the right experiences to the right consumers at the right times. Business consulting companies provide marketing software and services to help these corporate leviathans drive marketing performance through a simultaneous increase in brand equity, operating efficiencies and return on investment.
For Fortune 500 companies, high performance depends greatly on the ability of these companies to gain insights from various sorts of data. Such insights are crucial in making informed and better decisions, and in further strengthening customer relationships. Business coaching companies help Fortune 500 companies in developing and enhancing their analytic capabilities. In fact, business consultingcompanies play a key role in such enhancements by not only developing appropriate strategies, but also assisting greatly in their execution. Analytic capabilities that commonly need enhancement include data accessing and reporting, predictive modelling, etc.
Business Process Management 
Most Fortune 500 companies are constantly expanding their operations in order to meet the challenges posed by the ever-evolving, highly resilient global marketplace. Business consulting companies, with their unique combination of skills, approaches, and tools help Fortune 500 companies in developing and operating scalable, quick and efficient business processes for delivering value that is not only instant but also long-lasting.
Change Management 
Fortune 500 companies, in order to survive in this highly competitive business world and to maintain their position in the global economy, are consistently undergoing enormous changes. Keeping everyone and everything moving ahead in such circumstances is not an easy task. Business consulting companies assist these companies and their people in adjusting to change. The assistance that business consultingcompanies provide to Fortune 500 companies is as diverse as are the changes that these companies undergo. Such assistance includes everything from training regarding a technology system, to integrating new processes into existing work habits, to strategic direction depending on the understanding and support of the various stakeholders.
Customer Relationship Management 
To ensure long-term sustainability and to maintain their position in the global marketplace, Fortune 500 companies need to stay focused on their most valuable asset—their customers. But this is not easy, especially amidst the distractions of risk, uncertainty and complexity that are part and parcel of today’s global market. Business consulting companies assist Fortune 500 companies in developing innovative as well as effective marketing, sales and customer service approaches and strategies for staying focused on their customers.
Finance and Enterprise Performance 
Fortune 500 companies are faced with the challenge of keeping their rapidly escalating costs under control and to do more with less in today’s challenging and highly competitive global economy. Business consulting companies assist Fortune 500 companies in managing costs and finding innovative ways of improving overall business performance. There is a direct relationship between effective finance management and high performance. Business consulting companieshelp Fortune 500 companies in the efficient and effective management of their finances through the use of highly effective and time-proven finance management approaches.
Talent and Organization 
Recent research shows a shift in focus for many Fortune 500 companies. Most Fortune 500 companies are now concentrating on getting the right skills in place to achieve evolving business strategies, and adapt to them, instead of focusing on cutting or re-growing the workforce.  Business consulting companies help Fortune 500 companies in finding strategic ways of enhancing their performance. The areas in which business consulting companies provide services in this regard include change management, human capital and organization effectiveness, learning and collaboration, human resources management, etc.
Risk Management 
Fortune 500 companies, due to their sheer size and great diversity in operations, face enterprise-wide risks. Areas most susceptible to such risks include environment, processes, data protection, and decision making based on information that is either partial or incomplete. Business consulting companies assist Fortune 500 companies in the development and use of methods and tools that protect them against the adverse effects of business disruption. Consequently, these companies are able to gain higher economic returns and the increased confidence of their shareholders.

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