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Feb 26

Written by: peterm
26/02/2012 5:12 PM 


Contrary to popular perception, different government agencies—just like businesses—require the services of business coaching services from time to time. Various government agencies hire business coaching services to assist them in three broad areas. These are:
  • Capacity Building
  • Institutional Strengthening
  • Training
How do business coaching services assist government agencies in capacity building?
Business coaching services assist government agencies in capacity building by assessing and then addressing four core issues. These are:
1)     Institutional Arrangements
Business coaching services assist government agencies in identifying and assessing the factors responsible for inefficiency in the organisations. These are factors like bad or weak policies, wrong procedures, poor resource management, ineffective leadership, deficient organisation, insufficient communication and weak frameworks. With assistance from business coaching services, government agencies are able to fix the abovementioned institutional arrangements problems through the development of human resource frameworks, like recruitment procedures and cover policies, deployment and transfer, incentives systems, skills development, performance evaluation systems, and ethics and values.
2)     Leadership
Business coaching services assist government agencies in leadership development through appropriate coaching and mentoring programs aimed at encouraging and helping the development of leadership skills. Such skills include:
ü Priority Setting
ü Communication
ü Strategic Planning
3)     Knowledge
Business coaching services assist government agencies in establishing strong systems aimed at continued learning and the development of professional skills.
4)     Accountability
Government agencies employ the services of business coaching services to assist in strengthening accountability frameworks. The implementation of accountability measures ensures better performance and efficiency in government agencies.
What role do business coaching services play when it comes to institutional strengthening in government agencies?
Business coaching services play an extremely vital role in institutional strengthening in government agencies. Government agencies hire business coaching services not only to assist in the identification of factors limiting the effectiveness of the various reform efforts for institutional strengthening, but also help in the development of appropriate strategies for the eradication of such factors.
What sort of training assistance do business coaching services provide to government agencies?
Business coaching services provide numerous sorts of training services to government agencies .Some of these are:
Executive & Leadership Coaching
An important aspect of the services that business coaching services provide to government agencies is executive and leadership coaching. The aim of such coaching programs is executive development i.e., to develop and further polish the leadership skills of the executives of such government agencies. Business coaching services also assist government agencies in identifying:
  • The Job Benchmark of each executive to be coached by the business coach.
  • Whether an executive fits his/her job in light of the behaviours, values, and attributes of the executive to be coached.
  • The general goals and objectives each executive is required to achieve.
  • The specific objectives and goals identified to be achieved or problems to be solved by each executive as a result of a particular executive development program.
  • The commitment level of each executive being coached to follow the advice of the business coach.
Customer Service Skills
Another aspect of the assistance that business coaching services provide to various government agencies is the provision of customer service training to the employees of such government agencies. Customer service training helps them in enhancing their customer service skills. Good customer service skills are as important for government employees as they are for employees of various businesses. Business coaching services help such employees in the enhancement of their customer service skills like:
  • Communication Skills
  • Assessment Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Patience and Tact
Time Management Skills
Enhancement of the time management skills is another major aspect of the training and coaching provided by business coaching services to the employees of government agencies. The training focuses on polishing the time management abilities of such employees. Time management, contrary to what most people think, is not an inborn skill but an acquired one that can be further honed through intensive coaching, training and mentoring.
Team Work
Team work is important for the success of every organisation, and government agencies are no exception. Thus, an integral part of the employee training services offered by business coaching services to government agencies is the development of the ability in their employees to work as productive members of a team. The development and enhancement of such ability takes a lot of coaching and mentoring, but such ability in the employees of an organisation is vital for its success.  
The above was a brief overview of how government agencies are using business coaching services, and the benefits they are deriving. There’s no denying that such benefits are no less than those being derived by various business organisations.  

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