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Saturday, 16 October 2021
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Feb 26

Written by: peterm
26/02/2012 5:14 PM 


2009 might have been the Year of Creativity and Innovation for Europe, but it is 2012 that seems to be the year of some major changes and innovations in the world of business coaching. Business coaching services, particularly those in Australia, have come up with some brilliant innovations in business coaching.
The world of business is a very dynamic one. In fact, the business coaching industry is the true embodiment of the phrase: change or perish. But this year business coaches have decided to finally part with some of the industry heirloom. Some of the innovations of 2012 are:
Replacement of Teleseminars with Webinars
Business coaches have finally realized that it’s time to get rid of the old teleseminars for the purpose of coaching and to make use of the much more IN webinars. It’s not that teleseminars are outright “out”, but webinars are certainly “in”. Business coaching services are offering more webinars than ever before.  One major factor that has stimulated this change is social media. Social media has raised the desire for visual cues. Thanks to Facebook and other social media sites, people are almost incapable of focusing on any content that doesn’t come accompanied with photos, videos and graphics, which obviously isn’t  a bad thing altogether. After all, we live in the Digital Age.
Another factor responsible for the growing popularity of webinars is that attendance rates are higher when it comes to webinars, and the attendees greatly enjoy the chat function. Moreover, when there is something to follow along and a way to connect, attendees stay longer on calls and indulge in less multi-tasking.
Then there are new systems for webinars, for instance, Evergreen Business Systems, which make the distribution of webinars extremely easier. The replays are more interesting than audio alone.
Agreed, there’s a big downside to webinars. That’s the slightly higher cost of the webinar recording systems e.g., GotoWebinar, etc. Moreover, the potential for technical difficulties in webinars is much greater.
But, then one has to pay a little price for being technically savvy. Furthermore, the popularity of webinars and the large number of people attending them more than compensates for the slightly higher costs business coaching services have to bear for webinars. For instance, if business coaching services are promoting through webinars, more attendees mean more clients and more clients mean more income and increased profits.
Mobile Ready Webpages
 Another major innovation in the world of business coaching is the increasingly extensive use of mobile ready webpages. Business coaches are rapidly realizing the importance of mobile internet and the right strategies for exploiting the technology for taking business coaching to the next level.  With each passing day, more and more internet searches are being conducted from smart phones, and the number of people accessing their email from mobile devices is also on the rise.
Business coaching services are fast realizing that their home page or blog doesn’t merely need to be “mobile friendly” anymore; it now needs to be “mobile ready”. Not having a mobile friendly home page or blog in 2012 is nothing short of business suicide. And business coaches now realize the consequences of having your visitors bouncing from their sites in frustration. It is extremely difficult to read and navigate through sites that are not mobile friendly and mobile ready. In fact, most web pages resemble jigsaw puzzles on mobile browsers unless they have been specifically designed for them.
Extremely Cost Efficient and Highly Targeted Coaching Programs
The Global Financial Crisis seems to have taught business coaching services a thing or two. In 2012 business coaches are saying goodbye to the now old-fashioned and time consuming coaching programs developed over the last decade or so that left clients with the feeling of having been ripped off by business coaches, and offering newer and more cost effective ones.
This newer generation of business coaching programs has been designed for smartly targeting unique audiences. By offering such coaching programs, business coaching services are focusing on viable markets and offering clients exactly what they are most willing to invest in right now.
The above are only a few of the numerous innovations in business coaching. Various other changes and innovations have already been or are being introduced by business coaching services in 2012. It is probably due to this dynamic ability possessed by business coaching services that they have been able to survive and outlive major global crises that so easily wipe out other sorts of businesses. And the business coaching industry doesn’t seem to have lost its ability to constantly change with changing times.     

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