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Apr 11

Written by: peterm
11/04/2012 6:59 PM 


If you own and run a small business, the most important factor in the success or failure of your business is YOU. Yes, there are other important factors too, but you are the deciding factor. Your abilities, talents, skills, the way you run your business, the choices you make and the decision you take directly affect the success of your business. The better entrepreneur you are, the better are the chances of your business growing and becoming successful. Thus, it is important that you get coached by an expert business coach like one of the business coaches available at Glimmer Management Consultants.
An expert business coach will help you achieve the three Cs that will virtually guarantee your success as a business owner. These are:
ü Clarity
ü Confidence
ü Control
An expert business coach will help you in understanding yourself better and in realising the potential you possess. This will help you in identifying and understanding your values, priorities, talents, abilities and passions. A business coach will assist you in becoming clear, and this clarity creates a solid foundation for growth. It should be understood here that a good business coach will help you in achieving the above without resorting to criticism or manipulation. Another thing to keep in mind here is that in any business coaching relationship, the business owner being coached holds the centre position in the relationship and the business coach is there in a somewhat supportive role. But this doesn’t mean that you will be alone. On the contrary, your business coach will always be there to guide you, support you and listen to what you have to say. Your business coach will collaborate with you in finding solutions and developing strategies for your business.
Your business coach will not only help you in achieving clarity, but also assist you in morphing your business to suit you. You are the most important factor in the success of your business. Remember? This way the chances of your business’s success will increase manifold.
With clarity comes confidence. And why is confidence so important? Because you need confidence, and lots of it, if you are to make the right decisions at the right time in order to grow and expand your business and thus take it to the next level. That means a business coach not only assists you in gaining confidence and getting rid of the stress resulting from confusion, but also helps you in inculcating a very healthy sense of self-esteem in yourself.
A business coach not only assists you in evaluating different business situations on your terms, but also assists you in making your business successful through the use of tools such as self-assurance and positive approach. Your coach will assist you in developing and thus turning your small business into a larger and highly profitable one. Not only that, your business coach will also assist you in developing a unique model for your business. This will not only guarantee the success of your business, but also guarantee success on your very own terms.
You need to be in total control of yourself as well as your business in order to run your business successfully and take it where you dream of taking it. A business coach will help you in becoming in control of yourself. How? Your business coach helped you in achieving clarity and in gaining confidence. These two will give you control over yourself. Your business coach will assist you in altering the conditions of your business and in reorganising your personal life and business in such a way as to give you total control of your business. This might sound tough, but doing so is quite easy, that is, if you have an expert business coach to assist and guide you.
Control over your business is necessary if you are to really make it successful. You might have noticed that every successful business is somehow or the other different from other successful businesses. A business needs to suit the business owner and the business owner needs to have total control over it if it is to be truly successful. You might have also noticed that many businesses fail due to the stress and confusion that is created when business owners try to adjust themselves to a business model that was created by someone else. So it is utterly necessary that you hire a business coach to help you in developing a business model that suits you and assist you in getting total control over your business.

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