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Apr 11

Written by: peterm
11/04/2012 7:01 PM 


Most small business owners are so busy dealing with the day-to-day aspects of their business like purchase, production, sales, marketing, accounting, finance, etc., that they hardly get the time or opportunity to concentrate on the most important aspect of their job as business owners – devising and implementing strategies for the growth and development of their business. Development and implementation of such strategies is necessary if small business owners are to take their business to the next level and “compete with the boys in the big league”. This is where small business coaching and the role of an expert business coach come in.
Contrary to the belief held by many small business owners, small business coaching is not only meant for business owners whose businesses are not doing well. Small business coaching is equally beneficial for business owners who are running a successful but small business and who want to develop and expand it in order to enter the big leagues. That means an expert business coach can help you expand your business, get big business and, resultantly, increase your revenue. But before we go any further, it is necessary that you understand the difference between the terms “business coach” and “business consultant”. That’s because we are talking about a business coach here and not a business consultant.
What is the difference between a business coach and a business consultant?
A business consultant only advises business owners regarding the changes they need to make to their business strategy or working style in order to grow and expand their business. A business coach, on the other hand, not only advises business owners, but also provides guidance at every step of the implementation process of said changes in their business strategy or working style. That means a business consultant does not necessarily have to be a business coach, but a business coach is definitely a business consultant as well. We are not in any manner trying to undermine the importance and role of business consultants. It’s just that we are talking about expert business coaches specializing in small business coaching here, like the expert business coaches available at Glimmer Management Consultants.  
How can small business coaching and an expert small business coach help you?
An expert business coach specializing in small business coaching is there to guide and help small business owners at every critical and crucial step. The business coach is there for them at all times, from when they develop and launch new marketing campaigns, to when they take initiatives to enter and capture new markets, to when they are faced with tough competitors and need effective strategies to outdo competition. Thus, your expert business coach will not merely advise you when you face challenges and simply give you ideas, but will be there to offer help and support when you put such ideas to practice. Your expert business coach will do so by helping you realize your strengths and weaknesses, pointing out flaws in your strategies and shortcomings in your approaches, helping you put maximum effort, etc.
After thoroughly examining and analysing all major aspects of your business like purchase, production, sales, marketing, finance, team, profitability, etc. and taking into account the organizational setup of your business, your expert small business coach will help you develop efficient systems and flow of work for your business. Your small business coach will not only help you develop a clear and highly       focussed business plan, but will also help you in overcoming various barriers and obstacles that are preventing you from taking your business to the next level.
Small business coaching will not only help you in finding effective solutions to the problems your business is currently facing, but it will also help you in learning how to cope with difficult or tricky situations that may arise when your business grows and expands and enters the big leagues. Small business coaching prepares you and your business to effectively deal with such difficult or tricky situations.
That means small business coaching will help you in developing innovative ideas for your business, developing strategies to survive in the market and outdo your competitors, making the best possible use of the resources available to you, improving your relations with employees, creating a much better work environment, increasing the productivity of your business. In short, small business coaching will help you and your business get ready to finally enter the big leagues. So if you think you and your small business are ready to move to the next level and finally enter the big leagues, you should start seriously thinking about engaging an expert business coach who specializes in small business coaching. 

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