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Apr 17

Written by: peterm
17/04/2012 12:03 PM 


For any business, its employees are its most valuable asset. Good, talented, skilled, hardworking and faithful employees play a significant role in the success of any business. Thus, it is necessary that you take necessary initiatives to improve the recruiting skills of your in-house recruiters with recruitment training. Doing so will enable them to recruit individuals who are not only perfect for their positions, but who will help your business in truly becoming a success.
Why is recruitment training necessary for your business’s in-house recruiters?
Recruitment training will help in improving the recruiting skills of your in-house recruiters. These are skills like:
Good Sales Skills
Confused? Well, recruiting an individual for a particular position is just like selling a product or service to a person. Anyone who knows anything about recruitment will tell you that recruiters, especially in-house recruiters need to be good salespersons. That’s because they need to sell candidates on the opportunities their company or business is offering. They also need to be able to make such candidates realize why their company is an employer of choice and why the particular opportunity they are offering is the opportunity of a lifetime. Recruitment training can greatly help in developing and improving such a skill or ability in your in-house recruiters. 
Relationship Building Abilities
Merely identifying and contacting candidates is not enough, recruiters need to cultivate and develop relationships with candidates if they are to convince them that their company is the best place to work. But cultivating and developing such relationships is not as easy as it sounds. A recruiter should be able to note lots of small things and do a lot of things that may look small, insignificant and unnecessary. And all this takes a lot of recruitment training and experience. These are things like knowing what the candidate likes or dislikes, what makes the candidate tick, etc. In short, recruitment training helps your in-house recruiters in cultivating and developing such relationships with candidates by enabling them to interact and deal with them in an open, friendly, and communicative manner.
Good Listening Skills
Recruiters need to be good listeners if they are to be successful at their job. They need to listen first and talk second if they are to actually find out if the candidate is suitable for the position or not. Recruitment training greatly helps in improving the listening skills of your in-house recruiters so that they are able to do their job in a much better way.
Good Follow-up Skills
Your in-house recruiters should have good follow-up skills if they are to indeed do their job in an efficient manner. One of the most common reasons why so many in-house recruiters fail at their job is that they neglect to return calls or emails, or update the candidates, hiring managers, co-workers, etc. Not doing these things not only results in failures at their job, but also negativity affects their relationship-building efforts. Recruitment training can greatly help in improving the follow-up skills of your in-house recruiters, which will help them in doing their job perfectly.
Good Consultation Skills
Your in-house recruiters should have excellent consultation skills. That’s so because your in-house recruiters need to consult you or the hiring managers regarding the recruitment procedures and processes not only to maintain proper process flow but also to ensure long-lasting success. Your in-house recruiters should have the ability to advise and guide you or the hiring manager if need be. Recruitment training helps in improving the consultation skills of your in-house recruiters.
 Ability to Appear Personable and Approachable
Your in-house recruiters need to possess the ability to appear personable and approachable. They don’t merely need to appear so, they should be so. Candidates are usually nervous when dealing with recruiters and so your in-house recruiters need to show them that they are there for them. This is necessary if your in-house candidates are to build a relationship with the candidates. Recruitment training definitely helps your in-house recruiters in doing so.
Ability to Look at the Big Picture
The job of your in-house recruiters is not merely to focus on identifying and interviewing candidates for various positions. It is also their job to see how candidates can fit into your company or business, the potential value such candidates can bring to your business, and even know how and where a certain top priority candidate could fit in, even if there is no immediate position available for such a candidate. Your in-house candidates should be able to think about and do all these things, and good recruitment training develops in them the ability to do so.

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