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Saturday, 16 October 2021
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Jun 20

Written by: peterm
20/06/2012 8:33 AM 


Now let’s see what a business coach can do for you and how small business coaching can help remedy the small business owner syndrome. . . . . . . .
Good business coaches are individuals who have been trained to be coaches at accredited coaching schools. At such coaching schools, coaches develop various skills that enable them to listen, ask the right questions, give advice so people will listen, etc. Some coaches may go on to specialise in a particular type of coaching. Some may become business coaches; others may become executive coaches, while still others may become life coaches.
When you decide to get small business coaching and engage the services of a business coach, your business coach will either have a one-on-one meeting or a telephone conversation with you three or four times a month. Three or four times a month is not a hard and fast figure, your business coach may choose to have any number of meetings or telephone conversations with you in a month. Generally, business coaches also work with clients over email during the month. Neither the frequency and mode of meetings nor the method employed by a business coach for delivering the coaching is important. What is really important is what a business coach can do for you and your business.
Your business coach will help you devise a course of action for your business. Now the question arises: What good will strategizing in your business do for you? Well, by doing so you will be able to get out of your own head. Your business coach will not only help you come up with a vision for your business, but he or she will also help you devise strategies for turning that vision into reality.
Small business coaching is not merely about devising strategies for turning your vision into reality. That’s because devising strategies is not enough. And so your business coach not only helps you devise strategies, but he or she also helps you define tasks for each and every strategy. The tasks your business coach helps you define are not only specific in nature, but they also have a deadline. The best thing about small business coaching is that your business coach not only helps you devise strategies and define tasks for each one of them, but he or she also holds you accountable to complete a task when you say you are going to complete it.
We’ve already discussed in sufficient detail how your business coach helps you create a vision for your business, devise strategies to turn it into reality and define tasks for every strategy. But none of the abovementioned things is the most important thing a business coach does for you. The most important thing a business coach does for you is help you when you fail to complete one of the tasks he or she helped you define. There is naturally a reason for your not completing a task. Most of the time the reason is right there in front of you, for instance, if you didn’t go over the accounts receivable because you had to meet your spouse for lunch. Spending time with your spouse is obviously one of your goals, so your business coach will help you understand that it was a good trade-off. Not only that, your business coach will also help you find a way to get both goals accomplished.
However, if you had agreed to meet your spouse for lunch as an excuse for escaping the ordeal of having to go over the boring accounts receivable, your business coach will help you explore that even deeper. Your business coach will work with you to identify what we call the “limiting belief”. This limiting belief is what is preventing you from succeeding to your potential. Your business coach will help you get past that limiting belief and move ahead in your business. That’s because small business owners and their personal lives deeply affect the business they run. Whatever causes problems in their personal lives will naturally cause problems in their business lives.

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