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Jun 27

Written by: peterm
27/06/2012 1:03 PM 


Management consulting companies work with numerous and varied organisations, so management consultants have a profound knowledge of industry best practices. They can help organisations adopt such practices and greatly improve their performance, although the specific nature and unique work environment of each organization somewhat limits the adoption of the practices of one organisation by another organisation.
Now that we know what management consulting really is, let’s talk about the various types of management consulting services commonly provided by management consulting companies in Australia and around the world. Management consulting companies provide numerous services. Some of these are:
Assistance in the Identification of Organisational Problems
As mentioned above, management consultants help organisations in the identification of organizational problems negatively affecting their performance and limiting their growth. These are problems like ineffective leadership, communication barriers, individual communications overload and under load, structural integration, practical drift, employee dissatisfaction, alienation, low productivity, absenteeism and turnover, authority/responsibility distribution problems, etc. Management consultants usually bring with them to the organisation their own set of procedures or body of methods or rules and postulates to be followed while identifying organizational problems.  
Assistance in Developing Plans and Devising Strategies for Improving Performance
Management consulting companies not only help organisations identify and analyse organizational problem, but management consultants also help them develop plans and devise strategies to overcome organizational problems and improve performance. Such plans and strategies enable organisations to perform to their full potential and ultimately break the various barriers inhibiting their growth and success.
Assistance in Organisational Change Management
Management consulting companies provide assistance in Organisational Change Management. Management consultants start Organisational Change Management with a systematic diagnosis of the current situation. Such a systematic diagnosis is necessary for determining the need for change as well as the ability and capacity to change. Then the consultants help the organization devise a Change Management plan. The objectives, content, and process of change is clearly specified in the Change Management plan.  Management consultants, in order to avoid change failures, help organisations devise appropriate strategies by making use of performance metrics like financial results, operational efficiency, leadership commitment, communication effectiveness, and the perceived need for change.
Operational Improvement Services
Management consulting companies provide operational improvement services to organisations. Operational improvement services provided by management consultants help organisations improve and enhance their performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the various business processes they employ. Management consultants facilitate the alignment of organisation, technology and business processes. They analyse the flaws, shortcomings and impasses in the business processes of organisations. They not only help organisations identify cost reduction opportunities, but they also assess whether the design, technology and performance metrics of organisations support their strategic goals. Operational improvement services provided by management consultants are numerous and varied, but commonly these services focus on improving the finance function, remodeling and modifying business processes, and sourcing and procurement.
Assistance in the Development of Coaching and Mentoring Skills
Management consulting companies also assist organisations in developing and enhancing the coaching and mentoring skills of the managers and other team and organisation leaders.
Assistance in the Implementation of Technology
Management consulting companies help organisations implement new technology in their work environment. Management consultants not only ensure that the transition process goes as smoothly as possible, but also make sure that the organisation easily and effectively adapts to the change within the shortest period possible.
There are numerous management consulting companies in the country that are providing a wide variety of management consulting services to an even wider array of organisations, and some of these companies have made quite a name for themselves. But Glimmer Management Consulting, Australia stands out from the rest of management consulting companies in the country. That’s because some of the most talented and most professional management consultants in the country are associated with Glimmer Management Consulting, Australia. It is for the same reason that some of the top organisations in the country and around the world are seeking the services of Glimmer Management, Australia.

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