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Aug 21

Written by: peterm
21/08/2012 9:49 AM 


There are numerous recruitment training companies out there, each claiming to provide the best recruitment training.  So how can you know which one to choose for providing recruitment training for your team of recruiters? What do you need to consider when choosing from a range of potential companies. Let’s have a look at some of the things you need to consider and check when choosing a recruitment company.  
Check if they have experience in your particular sector. . .
As mentioned earlier, there are several recruitment training outfits out there. As a result, you have considerable choice. The first and foremost thing to consider and check is if they have experience in your particular sector. Recruitment has become a very specialized field, every sector having its own distinct style. What works for one kind of recruitment doesn’t really work for the others. Granted, a major part of recruitment training is to make recruiters much more goal orientated, motivated and adaptive. But recruitment training also ought to help them understand the ins and outs of the particular kind or kinds of recruitment they are engaged in.
 Recruiters need to not only ensure that candidate and clients are matched, but also need to maintain a certain balance in all aspects of their job as recruiters. And so they need to be much more than dedicated and driven. That is, if they are to not only increase billings, but also be efficient at account management. Therefore, it is much preferable to engage the services of someone who completely understands the ins and outs of your particular sector.
Check the nature of their experience in your particular sector. . .
Once you know that a recruitment training company has experience in your sector, it’s time to find out the exact nature of the experience. Training providers at the company might have previously worked as recruiters or recruitment managers and are now training recruiters and recruitment managers instead of doing the actual recruiting. If that is so, it is probably a good sign. You can rest assured that they completely understand the ins and outs of the job. The only thing that remains to be checked in this regard is if depending on the level of training you require they possess a more than fair understanding of the wider implications of running a recruitment company. You obviously strike gold if you are able to find a training provider who has worked as a senior recruitment manager or at a similar position. That is so because such a person will possess a wide variety of skills and will have come across and efficiently dealt with the dominant majority of the challenges you are faced with.
Check their level of training expertise. . .
As mentioned earlier, it is very important that training providers at the company you choose have experience in your particular sector. However, it is equally important that they be able to teach, train and, of course, coach your team of recruiters. Being able to impart the knowledge they possess is obviously as much important as actually possessing it. So it’s really important that you check the level of their own skill in the abovementioned areas.
It is also important to check if they have any training qualifications. It is highly preferable that they possess specialized skills such as business consulting, NLP, advanced business communication skills, etc. Also check and get an idea about their performance coaching abilities. One more thing you might want to check is if they have any experience of management training for recruitment companies. Checking this is especially important if you intend to grow and expand your company and take it to the next level.
Check the results their recruitment training was able to garner. . .
Check if their recruitment training was able to fetch any solid results. You need to check if the recruiters who received recruitment training from them were able to increase billings. And if they were, to what extent? Also check if they were successful in making more placements than before. And if so, how many more placements were they able to make? It might also be a good idea to find how those recruiters are performing now. Some might say that all this is easier said than done.
Well, actually checking all this is quite easy. All you need to do is ask. And if you are dealing with a professional recruitment company, you will be able to gather most of this information from the literature they provide or from their website.

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