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Saturday, 16 October 2021
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Aug 21

Written by: peterm
21/08/2012 9:58 AM 


Management consultants help companies adopt industry best practices. . .
Management consultants possess valuable knowledge about best practices across industries and functions. This is so because they work with multiple clients in the same sector as well as multiple clients faced with similar problems and issues across disparate sectors. Management consultants’ ability to recognize universal qualities of effective solutions and apply lessons learned in relevant situations enables them to identify an effective solution for any given situation.
Management consultants help companies deal with complex analytical issues. . .  
Companies often need assistance in dealing with analytical issues that require a combination of extraordinary technical and industry expertise. Management consultants, by virtue of their excellent analytical and technical skills and years of experience are able to help companies solve such issues and execute strategies. In other words, companies are able to overcome detriments such as insufficient and inadequate knowledge and skillsets when dealing with complex analytical issues by engaging the services of management consultants.
Companies have two choices when choosing a management consulting company, and each choice entails unique benefits and disadvantages. They can either go for a big management consulting company or a small (boutique) one. Big management consulting companies––GLOBAL GIANTS––bring with them vast resources and are thus able to more efficiently deal with issues that require tasks like data mining and analytics, primary market research, etc., but they generally lack specialized expertise. Small management consulting companies may not possess the vast resources of their larger competitors, but they possess specialized expertise on specific issues, for instance, retail pricing best practices, financial industry benchmarks, etc.
Management consultants serve as an external change force. . .
There are times when companies need to take tough (and often unpopular) decisions necessary for their survival and growth. Common examples of such decisions are job layoffs, salary and benefit reduction, operational and strategic shifts, etc. in most such cases, the company management is roughly aware of the desired conclusions, but is in need of an external change force to provide political, legal and moral cover. This is where the role of management consultants comes in. They identify the causes of the various problems and issues confronting companies and also identify objective solutions for them. In this way, companies are able to take tough decisions without having to worry about their political fallout.  
Management consultants provide a fresh perspective. . .
Companies often need a fresh perspective. They need someone to view and analyze them and their systems, processes and procedures, and offer observations and insights. Companies and those who manage them and work for them often fall into daily routines without a critical eye towards measurement, analysis, and improvement. A good management consulting company like Glimmer Management Consulting Australia provides this much-needed critical eye, thus helping companies measure, analyze and finally improve their performance.  
Management consultants provide training and skills enhancement. . .
A lot of cynics argue that management consultants charge a ton of money for piles and piles of reports and PowerPoint slides that ultimately end up in the musty cabinets of dingy archive rooms. And so companies end up paying absolute fortunes for recommendations that never get implemented as they don’t reflect day-to-day business realities. But that is undoubtedly a much distorted picture of management consultants and their critical role in the success of companies.  
The truth is that management consultants at a good management consulting company like Glimmer Management Consulting Australia not only provide invaluable recommendations for improvement, but also educate the employees of their clients on necessary knowledge, skills, and mindsets. In other words, every consulting project embodies client training, especially those involving heavy client interaction. That’s so because providing recommendations for changes and providing the client enough training in order to implement and maintain suggested changes are two inseparable aspects of management consulting––one is of little worth without the other. And as a result, management consultants concentrate on both.

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