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Oct 22

Written by: peterm
22/10/2012 5:14 PM 


Gaining control of your business and the effective business management that ensues ensures that business resources are utilized in the most efficient manner and perform to their full potential. This ensures that your business stays competitive without back-breaking effort on your part.  
Business coaching enables you to work better, not harder. . .
Working very hard and putting in long hours when your business is relatively new makes sense. A business owner, especially a small business owner needs to burn the midnight oil in order to establish a business and build it up. But you shouldn’t be required to work very hard forever and burn the proverbial midnight oil we just mentioned night after night. After all, what good is a business that drains the last ounce of your energy in order to survive and stay competitive? Unfortunately, many business owners are stuck with businesses that demand every waking moment of their lives. That’s so because such business owners don’t have the resources required to figure out how to become more efficient and establish effective business management. As a result, they have to consistently work more and work harder, trying to keep their productivity and sales at a level where their business stays worth running.
You should realize that working harder and working more is not necessarily working better. You can’t also guarantee the success of your business by working harder. So if working more and working harder is not the answer to a successful business, then what is? And how can you guarantee the success of your business? Well, you can do so by finding the delicate balance between efficiency and productivity. It is this balance between efficiency and productivity that enables a business to succeed in gaining the competitive edge in the market.
Business coaching can enable your business to gain the delicate balance between productivity and efficiency by helping you realize where and why you are overworking.
Your business coach not only helps you identify these things out, but also helps you develop strategies aimed at improving productivity and efficiency. As a result, you will be able to keep your business competitive without spending every waking hour working.
Business coaching helps you efficiently manage time and other resources and boost productivity. . .
Business coaching will help you manage your business resources in a more efficient and effective manner and make the most effective use of business resources including time. Business coaching will not only make you realize the effectiveness of time management, but will also help you change your attitudes in that regard. Your business coach will help you learn how to set realistic goals, which will have a direct impact on your business. As mentioned above, business coaching will help you adopt the correct attitudes. For instance, a lot of business owners take on an attitude that they have to do something and do it now no matter what. They only end up burning themselves out. Business coaching can enable such business owners stay focused on their main goal––higher sales and even higher productivity.
 Your business coach will help you learn how to manage your time efficiently and effectively while also realizing that bringing about changes is not easy and takes time. Once you realize that change is not easy nor does it happen overnight and learn how to effectively manage your time to make a change happen, you are well on your way to achieve said change. 
Business coaching can also help identify your inefficiencies and shortcomings. Your business coach will not only help you realize where your inefficiencies and shortcomings lie, but will also talk you through how to change them. One-on-one coaching is most effective for this purpose. That’s because you will have the undivided attention of your business coach. As a result, you will be able to get personalized assistance not only with your issues, but also in the progress you make to increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.
Business coaching helps you realize your most important goal––having a successful business––by helping you increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.

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