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Nov 20

Written by: peterm
20/11/2012 9:40 AM 


Most new recruiters need consistent help, guidance and recruitment training in order to be able to perform to their full potential. They may have been great at their last position, but your company obviously differs from the one that previously employed them in several ways and may even be engaged in an altogether different recruitment sector.
Before you begin searching for a good recruitment coach, which in itself is a challenge, you need to seriously evaluate the situation. Similarly, you need to evaluate the situation if you have one or more recruiters who have been underperforming for quite some time now before deciding either to invest in their training or letting them go.
You should do an initial check on the personal circumstances of the underperforming recruiters before deciding whether to arrange for their training or not. This may include looking into matters like personal bereavement, substance abuse, rocky marital relationships, etc., as such factors can have a great impact on the performance of a recruiter, or of any professional for that matter. This should always be a first step in dealing with any underperformer.
You also need to determine at this stage if the underperforming recruiters are not performing well because they don’t yet have the skills and are hesitant to admit their lack of appropriate skills. Such matters can be easily uncovered and dealt with in order to bring about a noticeable improvement in the performance of underperforming recruiters.
The next stage is to arrange for their training. You will need to contact a reputed recruitment coach and plan a recruitment training program for them. A time frame can be set and milestones steps can be added. Monitoring and evaluating their progress is very important. It may seem like a tedious and time consuming task, but in reality it is not so and its benefits easily outweigh the time and effort you put in.
Recruitment training may take time, especially, if the learning of a new skill is involved. And so a reasonable time frame should be set. The underperforming recruiters may find the acquisition of a new skill a bit difficult, especially during the first couple of weeks of training, but with consistent effort they are bound to show steady progress.
If after the implementation of training there is still no improvement in their performance, you will need a different strategy to deal with the situation. Since nothing came to light in the personal check you conducted and the training wasn’t of much help, you need to have a detailed look at their previous performance. Have a look at their performance record. Were they great performers on paper when they were initially hired? If so, check if such claims on their part bone fide?
If their poor performance persists, it is time for a final performance improvement program. This program should be quick and very targeted. Frankly speaking, this program is a final effort at getting an improved performance.
You should contact the recruitment coach whose services you had previously engaged and ask for advice and guidance. The coach will evaluate the situation and give you the appropriate advice and guidance.
If the performance of the underperforming recruiters is not improving after all these efforts on your part, it is perhaps time to let them go and replace them with better-performing recruiters. It would not be wise to keep investing in the training of such recruiters after you have taken the steps mentioned above and there is no noticeable improvement in their performance. Your best option would be to let them go. 
If your recruitment business is located in Queensland or nearby and you have recruiters working for you who need recruitment training, Brisbane based Management Consulting Company Glimmer Management Australia should be at the top of your “to contact soon” list. That’s because Glimmer Management delivers excellent recruitment training that guarantees a marked improvement in the performance of your previously underperforming recruiters. We are talking about training that will morph your underperforming recruiters into top performers who will be an endless source of pride and revenue for your company.

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