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Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Feb 26

Written by: peterm
26/02/2013 9:43 AM 


First, let’s try to understand the difference between business consulting and business coaching. Please note that both business coaching and business consulting are important in their own respect and discussing which one is better is entirely out of the scope of this article. Business consulting is quite similar to business coaching, and so a lot of people confuse them with one another. They take both these terms to mean the same and so use them interchangeably. However, these two, in spite of being quite similar, are miles apart. Business Consulting is more one-sided, where the business consultant offers instructional help to business owners to enable them to improve their businesses. Business coaching, on the other hand, is lot more interactive. In business coaching, the coach actually helps business owners in solving the various problems confronting their businesses.
As mentioned earlier, both business consulting and business coaching serve more or less the same purpose. The major difference is in the approach adopted by business consultants and business coaches in helping businesses improve. The former adopt a much more in-direct approach – in the sense that they analyse the problems confronting a business and provide instructions on how to eliminate said problems and bring about desired improvements. A business coach, on the other hand, gets more involved in the problem-solving process and actually helps implement the solutions. Both business coaching and business consulting are beneficial for businesses that are either struggling and are in dire need of improvement, or businesses that are doing quite well but are desirous of becoming even better.
Now let’s try to understand the difference between business coaching and life coaching. The basic difference between these two is that the latter focuses more on helping the individual (business owner, business executive, or any other person, for that matter) succeed in life, while the former focuses more on helping the business succeed as a whole. It is noteworthy that business coaching doesn’t actually consider the business owner separate from the business and therefore focuses on helping the entity that is a combination of the business and its owner. This does not in any way mean that life coaching doesn’t help the individual become more effective at business management. In fact, it does. Many business executives benefit from life coaching as it greatly helps improve their leadership skills – and good leadership skills are very important in successfully running a company. Business coaching, on the other hand, helps businesses in becoming more effective as whole organisations.
A business coach can help businesses in several different ways. Typically, these range from helping them choose the right mission statement to hiring the right employees, and from helping business owners increase employee loyalty during good times and boost employee morale during tough times to determining the right direction for the business to move ahead.
Many coaches offer more than one of these types of coaching. For instance, there are many experts that work as both business consultants and business coaches. There are also many coaches that provide both business coaching and life coaching. You can easily determine if a coach is providing the help you require during the first couple of sessions. In fact, you will have quite a good idea after the initial consultation if the coach will actually be able to help you achieve the purpose for which you are taking coaching sessions. If you are not satisfied with the results after a couple of sessions, don’t’ hesitate in mentioning this to your coach and discussing the matter in detail. If you still feel that you’re not getting the help you require, it’s always wise to look for other options.
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