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Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Mar 3

Written by: peterm
3/03/2013 10:24 AM 


When times are tough, small businesses engaged in minor industries need to find a business coach who can help them get a new perspective in order to face the challenges brought about by the financial crisis. In order to prevent their businesses from shutting down, the owners of such businesses need to acquire a new and fresh vision for their business and new and better skills to go along with and compliment said vision. Getting a new vision and a new perspective and new and better skills to help implement said vision can help such small businesses stay afloat during the crisis as everyone waits for better times. In fact, it’s a great achievement for a small business engaged in a minor industry that its stays open and profitable enough to be worth running for its owner during tough financial times. That’s because when the economy is bad, even the big businesses operating in major industries are at great risk of having to shut down and find it tough to stay open. 
If you run a small business that operates in a minor industry, you should seriously consider working with a reputed coach offering small business coaching both when times are good and when times are bad. When the economy is good, your coach will help you grow, expand and improve your business and take it to the next level, and when the economy is not very good, your coach will help your business stay afloat until the economy finally improves. In other words, your business can benefit from small business coaching in both good financial times and bad ones.
In good financial times in general and bad ones in particular, your business coach will help you promptly recognize and fully comprehend the major challenges facing your business. He or she will help identify the causes of these problems and issues confronting your business, which (on account of not being a business expert) you wouldn’t be able to identify and understand on your own. Once the problems, issues, challenges have been effectively identified, your business coach will move on to helping you determine the ways and means of effectively eliminating them.
In good financial times, your business coach will assess your business and help you improve your leadership and management skills and develop and implement effective management systems and strategies in order to achieve growth. In bad financial times, he or she will do more or less the same but with a focus on bringing about an improvement in your leadership and management abilities to keep your business profitable enough to be worth operating. All this will be done in a very systematic manner. We have already mentioned the assessment stage. This will be followed by the plan creation and implementation stages. In light of the assessment, your business coach will help create a plan aimed at making the most of your and your business’ current potential and also enhancing this potential with the help of appropriate leadership and management training.
Since business resources are most often scarce during tough financial times and the number of employees is small, the role of high productivity becomes very, very critical to survival and success. A good coach specializing in small business coaching can really help the productivity of the available resources by helping you put your limited resources to the most effective use. He or she can also help you and your team enhance productivity by helping you identify and eliminate the reasons negatively affecting your productivity in a systematic way and under a plan. As a result, your business is able to improve profit margins and stay afloat even in the direst of financial situations.
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