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Mar 14

Written by: peterm
14/03/2013 10:47 AM 


If you are a recruitment business owner and desire that your recruitment consultants would be able to bill more hours and make more successful placements, a good recruitment coach can help your recruitment consultants achieve that. He or she can help them learn how to make their minds and bodies work together in order to achieve exceptional results. Given below are some of the abilities a good recruitment coach can help your recruitment consultants to develop in order to achieve desired results.
Ability to start everything with the exact end in mind. . .
Recruitment training can help your recruitment consultants develop the ability of taking action on something only after fully thinking about exactly what they want to happen. Recruitment training can help them learn the technique of setting well-defined and well-formed outcomes. In other words, they will learn the art of starting things with the end in mind and then working their way through exactly what is going to happen, what is the result they want to achieve and how they will achieve said result.
Credible studies have shown that the abovementioned ability plays a key role in the success of most professionals and especially recruiters. In fact, the dominant majority of successful recruiters have worked hard at developing and polishing this ability because they realize its importance in their success.
Ability to easily build a rapport. . .
The ability to set well-formed outcomes from the very beginning is important, but this ability must necessarily be complimented by an ability to easily build a rapport. This ability is very, very important in the case of recruiters as recruitment is one of those professions that involves doing a lot of influencing. Recruiting is selling (but as the owner of a recruitment business you obviously know that) – selling the right position to the right candidate and the right candidate to the right employer. And we all know that the dominant majority of successful sales are made as a direct result of the ability to build a rapport.
It must be noted here that when we say “rapport”, we are not talking about the natural and somewhat unconscious inclination that draws two people together. That is a matter of chance and is something that cannot be controlled consciously. For instance, you and the other person are both die-hard dog lovers and so an instant rapport is established between the two of you. What we are talking about here is the ability to easily build a rapport with almost anyone. Recruitment training can help develop in your recruitment consultants the ability to instantly build a rapport with others through body language and voice.
Ability to identify and match the language of others. . .
The ability to match the language of the people a recruiter deals with in the course of business is of utmost importance. This ability plays a key role in the recruiter’s ability to influence others into making the choices that result in a successful placement. Credible research has shown that one of the most effective ways of influencing others is identifying the language preferences they use and then using similar words and phrases. Recruitment coaching from a reputed coach can help your consultants develop this ability and use the powerful tool of building a special connection with people to make more successful placements and bill more hours.
These are only a few of the abilities a good recruitment coach can help your recruitment consultants in developing in order to increase the number of the hours they bill and the number of successful placements they make. You should get in touch with a reputed recruitment coach to learn more about the abilities he or she can help your consultants in developing.
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