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Apr 11

Written by: peterm
11/04/2013 11:19 AM 


It can be argued, and rightly so, that everybody learns and retains what has been learnt in a different way. How then can we propose a standard way to make sales training stick for everyone? Granted, everyone learns and retains what has been learned differently, and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. But there are still certain things that can be done to make sales training stick for everybody.

It is important for business owners and sales managers to get the training themselves that they want their staff to get. But as a business owner or sales manager you ought to get the training at a higher level and with one on one instruction from the same coach who is to train your sales staff. This is necessary because it will enable you to get a much better and thorough understanding of the skills and abilities that will be developed in your sales staff as a result of the training. Additionally, you will be able to further polish and enhance said skills and abilities and put them to effective use for the success of your business.
Once the training stage is complete, you will enter the retention stage where you need to make a conscious effort to make what you have learnt stick. Start by reviewing everything you learned during the training. It is advisable to write everything down in detail – everything from the skills you were able to develop as a result of the training to the skills and abilities you think are vital for the success of your business and therefore must be strongly focused on. Once you determine the skills and abilities that you want to focus on, create a sort of a lesson plan that will allow you to reinforce those skills and abilities with your sales staff. You can include various activities in the lesson plan. These may range from regular workshops and written examinations to role playing sessions or any other activity you think is useful.
Keep the focus of the lesson plan on all major skills and abilities that you want to hone and develop. Just make sure that you organize these post trainings on a regular basis for a few months. It is advisable to organize these post trainings on a weekly basis, but you can schedule them as frequently or as rarely as you think fit. Just remember that the key to effective retention of sales training is repetition and consistency. It is better that you be an active part of the post training sessions. However, if you are unable to do so, have each member of your sales team write an outline of the skills they acquired and the techniques they learned. This will not only allow your sales team to become an active part of the training process, but will also result in the creation of a sales manual that can be kept for future use.
Encourage your sales staff to put together their own lessons and practice the techniques they learned in light of the post training sessions. Make sure that even when the post trainings end, the members of your sales staff keep practicing the skills they acquired. A good idea is to pick one skill per week and consistently practice it the entire week.
If you and your sales team follow the steps discussed above, there is no reason why you and they should not be able to get a lot out of sales training and put it to effective use in boosting sales.
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