"I have used Peter on several occasions to help me further my career and always very successfully and swiftly. He is always my first port of call...  I recommend him to all of my friends and colleagues and shall continue to do so in the future." - A.M., Dalby, QLD

Tuesday, 25 January 2022
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The primary concern of most recruitment business owners when arranging for the recruitment training of their recruitment consultants is increasing the number of hours they bill and ensuring that they bill a greater number of hours on a consistent basis. That’s because, like any other business, the ultimate goal of a recruitment business is to increase revenue and the accompanying profits. An increase in revenue and profits naturally requires an increase in the number of hours the consultants’ bill. The only way for them to increase the number of hours they bill is to increase the number of successful placements they make.

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Small businesses usually operate at a local level and cater to a small group of people. If a small business is engaged in a minor industry, the scope of growth further diminishes while that of the challenges facing the business greatly increases. When the economy is bad, the owners of such businesses are at great risk of being left alone to fend for themselves and face the crisis on their own as minor industries usually don’t have very active industry bodies and the government’s attention is entirely focused on improving the situation in major industries. In such times, it is very important for the owners of such small businesses to seek small business coaching from a reputed and reliable business coach as effective small business coaching is their only hope of saving their struggling businesses until the economy finally improves.

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