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Monday, 15 August 2022
The 5 Top Don'ts for Recruiters


·         Don’t over prepare…
‘Research’ can sometimes be another word for procrastination. Get the key facts you require to make the call... & Make the Call…
·         Don’t cut corners…
When things are going well it’s generally because you are being thorough… when things get busy, don’t start cutting corners and not asking the crucial questions, it’s what makes us professionals…
·         Don’t believe your own press…
Strive to better yourself every quarter… beat your best… don’t get complacent because you are doing well… get better…
·         Don’t belittle the new guy…
Great recruiters strive to be respected by their team, not feared…
·         Don’t make decisions…
When we get a little more experienced we tend to start making decisions based on intangible information. Stick to the facts and don’t write off a job or a candidate because it they don’t ‘sound’ right  


Planner Pricing


Single Planner (One Quarter) - $79.95

Value Pack - (1 Year, 4 Planners) - $239.80

Bulk Pack - (Ten Single Planners) - $599.95


The '4/13/65' Recruitment Planner

'The 4/13/65 Recruitment Planner'

 - Next Years Editions Now Available -

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In order to become a great recruiter and to remain at the top of your game, your ability to plan, manage, and time your day correctly is paramount. Time can be a recruiters worst enemy, and so it is essential we are able to get the most out of each and every day.

‘The 4/13/65 Recruitment Planner’ is designed specifically for this purpose, it has been designed for recruiters by recruiters and is an essential tool for any consultant wanting to succeed over and above their own expectations.
What is the 4/13/65 Recruitment Planner?
It isn’t a piece of software; you can’t download it, and it doesn’t have a USB port. It’s a hardback recruitment planner ‘guaranteed’ to help improve your time management skills and give you the ability to analyze your quarter from beginning to end.
Day planners are not a new concept and there are specific tasks that every recruiter needs to perform on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. ‘The 4/13/65 Recruitment Planner’ will help you plan your quarter and execute your daily activities in a far more effective way than you do now. It will motivate you when times get tough, help discipline you when times are quiet and will increase your placements for the quarter.
It’s a step by step guide taking you from day one, through to day 65, and helping you analyze your work, plan your time, and fundamentally, succeed… over and above your best quarter to date.
How does the 4/13/65 Recruitment Planner help?
There are no free lunches in recruitment, you have to want to succeed, have the determination to be the best you can be and be disciplined enough to follow some very basic, very simple planning tips. If you follow the clearly defined daily practices within the planner, it will increase your billings.
We are that confident this planner will help you to succeed beyond your own expectations we will give you a money back guarantee. Purchase & use ‘The 4/13/65 Recruitment Planner’ for an entire quarter, fill out ALL the sections as explained within the planner...
After the full quarter if you truly believe it hasn’t helped you, simply return the completed planner to us and we will give you your money back!
You don’t have to change any aspect of your work just how you organise your day. ‘The 4/13/65 Recruitment Planner’ helps you take what you already know and do, then streamline your activities to turn more of what you do into successful placements.
The planner has clearly defined guidelines within it, but you also have email support available to answer any questions you may have about how to get the most out of ‘The 4/13/65 Recruitment Planner’.


Since its release in July 2010, ‘The 4/13/65 Recruitment Planner’, has been gaining momentum. We made some drastic changes last quarter which have improved both the usability and the results it is helping to generate.
We all know that recruitment consultants are not backward in coming forward and are happy to share their opinions and the positive feedback we have been receiving is exceptional beyond even our own expectations. If you haven’t tried it yet, then our question is simple… Why Not?
Used correctly, ‘The 4/13/65 Recruitment Planner’, WILL help your time management skills and WILL help you make more placements… We guarantee it!
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