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Monday, 15 August 2022
A Little Help Can Go A Very Long Way When Buying A Business...


Buying a business is an incredibly exciting time, full of decisions, discussions and all sorts of emotions. The last thing you want to do is get this ‘life changing’ purchase wrong, miss something or even worse... ‘buy a lemon’…


Here at Glimmer Management Consultants we have decades of experience analysing businesses, their profit and loss records, internal systems and potential cash flow forecasting.  We are experts in all these areas, and an expert is exactly what you need when buying a business.


For a flat fee we can help you ensure that you are about to make the right decision and you can be confident that you are buying a gateway for your future financial security.


  • We will first of all sit with you and your business partner if you have one; Get a full understanding of your motivations for buying a business in the first place, your plans for the future in regards to running the business, and the required outcomes you are looking to achieve from the business, both financial and otherwise.


  • We will analyse all of the financials for the business with you, to ensure you are purchasing a business make makes a ‘real’ profit or at least has the potential to do just that. Also, as and when necessary guide you in the right direction should you need to seek professional financial advice.


  • We will accompany you to the business premises for a meeting or meetings with the current owners to discuss the things we need to, cover any questions that you might have, and of course some that you might not of thought of in order to get all the information you need to make an informed choice.


  • We will then provide you with a full written report as to whether or not the business works in line with your core values and drivers, financially stacks up enough to turn a profit and any other observations made during the process. 


Don't get caught out, give us a call and you will have an experienced business consultant on call for you 24/7 throughout the whole process... Our experience is your insurance...