"I have used Peter on several occasions to help me further my career and always very successfully and swiftly. He is always my first port of call...  I recommend him to all of my friends and colleagues and shall continue to do so in the future." - A.M., Dalby, QLD

Monday, 15 August 2022
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Start Up Tips


  • Nobody plans to fail when they start a business but many people fail to plan. Ask us about the "Six P" start up method. 
  • Know your market, your competitors, your customers, your weaknesses as well as you strengths...
  • Be ready - For hard work, long hours, the lows as well as the highs. If you prepared for negative events as well as positive ones you can meet them head on. 
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help, some of the most successful business people in the world realise that it's not about being great at everything but surrounding yourself with people who have the knowledge to help you succeed.
  • Ensure you have a very high standard of work in everything you do, repeat business is what success is all about.


New business Start-up Packages


Glimmer Management Consultants offers custom-tailored, hyper-intensive start-up packages that fit the endeavour of starting a successful business into a very short period of time. Our start-up packages embody the validation of all essential aspects of starting a business that warrant an unhindered, smooth and successful launch of your new business. Our experts will help build, test and exhaustively scale your undertaking, and when they are through with this, you and your business will be ready to take the market by the horns.
Our experts will thoroughly analyze all the business variables – from primary variables such as business idea and market analysis to derivational ones like business model optimization, positioning, its relationship with all stakeholders, including management and the various sources of finance, acquisition of various business resources and assets, business coaching, staff training and more.
 All this will most likely happen in a short but rather intensive period, which will be topped off by the launch of your business and the products/services it offers.
Our experts will be with you from the beginning, guiding you through the various processes and pitfalls associated with starting your own business. More importantly, they will ensure that you are covering off the basics of starting your own business and are on the track for success. Our experts will also assist you in acquring the tools that you will need for improving the future management of your business and keeping it on track.
Why Use Our Services?
Although we are leaders when it comes to business start-up services, it is not this fact that we pride ourselves on. We pride ourselves on two things:
Custom-tailored packages…
Every business is unique, and therefore the planning, preparation and support it requires needs to be specifically tailored to suit the unique requirements of the business and the individual who will be holding its reins.
During your initial consultation our experts will brainstorm the details of the services that should form part of your start-up package. In light of these details, they will then design and develop a custom package that suits your needs and those of your new business.
Continual Support…
Getting professional help to get started with your new business is essential for giving your business the best shot at success. Equally important, however, is the ongoing support that can help you continue to run your business successfully and perhaps even expand when the time is right.
Our experts can offer this support with regular meetings to analyse the progress of your business in light of your original plan to determine whether your business is on track or if the plan needs to be further tweaked and adapted to suit market conditions. We also offer telephone back-up and support for issues of an urgent nature that need to be handled without delay.
If you would like to know more about our start-up packages or would like to schedule your FREE initial consultation, please give us a call today or email us using the contact form available on our website.
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