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Monday, 15 August 2022
Customer Service Training


The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary. ––Sam Walton, Founder of Wal-Mart
Are your customer service and support representatives providing legendary customer service and the world-class experience your customers expect? From the standpoint of a company operating in the retail industry, there is much more to providing exceptional customer service–customer service that is worthy of being called “legendary”–than merely training employees to be nice and friendly to customers.
A leader in customer service training in Australia, Glimmer Management Consultants, adopts a much more comprehensive approach to implementing customer service. Our approach consists of a number of time-tested components and strategies that help retail businesses in creating a successful customer service culture that delivers exceptional customer service. The best thing about our highly innovative approach is that it helps retail businesses in achieving measurable results, such as an increase in sales, an improvement in customer satisfaction, and a reduction in operational costs.
Customer Service Course Content


Exceptional Customer Service for the Retail Industry

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The Aim of the Course
This one day, fun packed, energy filled, and highly enlightening Customer Service Event aims at imparting to the attendees a thorough understanding of what exceptional customer service is and how to achieve it.
Who Should Attend
Anyone currently working in or desirous of working in the retail industry will find the course to be a source of insightful and valuable customer service knowledge. This highly researched and planned course will benefit everyone from those working at big supermarket chains to those working at the local corner retail stores.

Course Content

Topics covered in the course include:
  • A detailed overview of the retail industry
  • A thorough explanation of the concept of Exceptional Customer Service
  • Why first impressions really count so much in customer service
  • What retail customers expect when it comes to customer service
  • How customer service can help in customer retention
  • How exceptional customer service is about the services a business provides and not merely about clients expectations
  • Why communication is key when it comes to exceptional customer service
  • How to tell if your customers are satisfied or not
  • Effective upselling strategies and techniques
  • Effective complaint handling strategies and techniques
  • Effective dispute resolution strategies and techniques, and much more.
How the Course is Delivered
Our team of highly professional and experienced Customer Service Consultants handles this course. The course content and deliverable material is supplied to the attendees on the day of the course. However, some pre-course questionnaires may be sent to the attendees prior to the course.
We pride ourselves on the fact that at Glimmer Management Consultants we have a team of highly professional and competent consultants that have been handpicked for the courses they handle. These are training and coaching experts who not only have years of training and coaching experience at their credit but also possess unmatched knowledge, skill and expertise in the industries related to the training courses they handle. For instance, if it is a customer service course for the retail industry, the training and coaching consultant will have worked extensively in the retail customer service industry.
Course Pricing
For information about pricing and availability, please call us today for a no obligation consultation with one of our friendly staff members.