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Monday, 15 August 2022
Recruitment & Retention Strategy Course


Effective Recruitment & Retention Strategies
This 2 day course has is already being utilized and enjoyed by business owners here in Australia as well as Bangkok, Honk Kong and later this year Malaysia.
Recruitment and Retention is a professional process overlooked by many companies at an extremely high cost level. Get it right and see it translate directly to the companys bottomline.
This 2-day Course will be a fantastic opportunity to networand discuss one of the most critical and most talked about aspects of modern business.The Gold Watch for 50 years service is no longer enough to keep great staff at the helm. Very few companies have an adequate attraction program in place to lure the perfect staff members and even fewer have a workable and effective retention strategy.
Millions of dollars are wasted by companies all over the globe because of unnecessary staff turnover.  Learn how to attract and more importantly retain the great staff you have and bring real results to increase the overall performance and sustainability of your company.
Reviewing the cost of staff turnover for individual companies can be quite disturbing. According to a survey conducted by Mercer Human Resource Consulting in Australia,they estimate that the total cost of staff turnover could be equaled to anything from 50% to 150% of an individual's annual salary.
There is a lot more to staff turnover costs than first meet the eye.These include the standard ones such as lost productivity,  separation, replacement, training, and less thought of,such as the loss of intellectual property, the loss of corporate knowledge, damage to the corporate brand, lost business opportunities, increased stress and lost or damaged customer relationships.
This Course will show you how to avoid unnecessary staff turnover by attracting and recruiting the right candidate at the very beginning and it will also demonstrate the necessary steps required to ensure you keep your staff challenged and satisfied.
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· After the course you will, be able to walk away with the tools, knowledge and understanding of how to attract great people to your business through passive recruitment strategies used by some of the most successful companies in the world today.
· Leave with the tools to be able to gauge, measure and evaluate both your recruitment and retention strategies and more importantly understand that these two, generally separated processes are in fact one and the same.
· Be able to educate your team of professionals on the importance of staff retention but also have the power to effect the change in the organizational culture which will organically increase the level of retention throughout the company.
· Be able to affect change large enough to increase your company’s bottom line profits by implementing the strategies and methods discussed at this two day course.
· Be able to implement the techniques you will learn to streamline your recruitment process; create a sustain-able ‘retention focused’ working environment; and develop HR metrics to improve performance in both of these areas.